Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


from the effects of stress & pressure that daily life throws at you, and create a world where you feel calm, clear & focused.

8 week MBSR Programme - January 2017

(2.5 hours sessions)

  • 30th January
  • 6th February
  • 13th February
  • 20th February
  • 27th February
  • 6th March
  • 13th March
  • 20th March

Full Day of Mindfulness

12th March (Sunday)


To Be Confirmed


€320 (concessions / installment plans available)

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that's growing in popularity and use in different settings including hospitals, workplaces, schools and communities.

It is a way of learning to pay attention on purpose without judgement. It's being aware and relating skilfully and kindly to what you are experiencing, moment by moment.

What is MBSR?

Based on the work of Jon Kabat Zinn in the 1970's, this is a well researched group eight-week programme that has been scientifically proven to help people with a wide range of health related conditions - physical, emotional, mental and social. It is taught at major universities and teaching hospitals worldwide.

Participating in an MBSR programme is ideal for those who wish to care for themselves by using their internal resources to help manage daily and ongoing challenges that present for them.

Throughout the programme, the focus is on empowering participants to open up to their experiences, 'be present' and cultivate the kinder, compassionate self. Participants learn ways to respond effectively to their experiences through mindful meditative practices and group exercises.

Benefits of MBSR

While the benefits of mindfulness are unique for each participant, MBSR benefits people reporting with a variety of conditions and concerns, such as:

Nicola Morey

About Me

I'm Nicola Morey and I've been practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga since 2010. I'm a fully qualified yoga teacher, life coach and MBSR teacher with the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (IMA). Now I want to share my passion to help you find your own querencia: a place from which one's strength is drawn and where you can be your most authentic self.

If you are interested in joining the programme please contact me via email by filling this form or by phone at 087 783 7341